More greats moments in governance

I can just picture the scene.

A concerned parent is out strolling with his/her offspring(s) through the park when, suddenly, a besotted pervert leaps out of the bushes and ... starts mixing a cocktail right in front of them.

Oh, the horror!

Well, Utah state legislators are pushing to be sure that never happens without a legal penalty being attached. They're actually trying to restrict restaurants from making mixed drinks in full view of minors.

Senate president Michael Waddoups says proposed legislation is necessary to protect the "safety and mental future of our children."

If he and any like-minded colleagues have their way, restaurants that serve drinks will be forced to remodel if their bar isn't screened off from the dining room.

Oh, the illustration above? One possible way to combat the phobia. Or, perhaps it's a serving staff training exercise.

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