Bacardi adds flavor to RTD line

Bacardi has added a second flavor to its ready-to-drink (RTD) portfolio -- the Bacardi Classic Cocktail Raspberry Mojito.

The first flavor was the Original Bacardi Mojito. Both are made with Bacardi Superior Rum, natural lime and mint flavors. The new flavor has ripened raspberries added.

Says Gordon Chisholm, brand director, After the original mint and lime mojito, the raspberry mojito is one of the most popular mojitos requested at bars and nightclubs, so offering a convenient, ready-to-serve raspberry mojito for home entertaining was a natural extension for the brand."

The 15% alcohol by volume (30 proof) cocktail is available in a 750-ml size as well as a 1.75-liter at suggested retail prices of $12.99 and $19.99.

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