Scotsman newspaper launches whisky site

Scotland's prestigious newspaper the Scotsman has launched something that should be very well received in its own country and beyond.

It's Scotsman Whisky, a new Web site under the newspaper's online umbrella. Its grand opening announcement and mission statement reads:

Welcome to Scotsman Whisky, the site for whisky drinkers, industry professionals and those keen to get their first taste of Scotland's national drink.

With whisky writing from Scotland's top journalists, expert business coverage and up to the minute news, Scotsman Whisky offers an insight into the fascinating world of this historic spirit as it advances into the 21st Century.

Visit our interactive distillery map to find out more about whisky production, browse our features section for stories about your favourite dram, or check out our blog for news and gossip from the world of whisky.

There's fascinating footage to look at in our video section and if you want to find out about whisky events happening across the country then click on our whisky events listing.

Whisky may be regarded as the "world's most complex spirit", but our aim is to make it as simple and enjoyable as possible for you to find out more about this wonderful drink. So sit back and enjoy Scotsman Whisky: everything you need to know about whisky -- served straight.
I've added a live link to the site on my list of "Refreshing Links."

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