Oregon gin debuting this week

The slow but steady comeback of gin in the U.S. market gets another boost this Friday when Penney's Gin makes its debut.

The spirit is from McMenamins' Edgefield Distillers in Troutdale, OR. The distillery is part of the McMenamins company that also has eight hotels and 57 pubs in Oregon and Washington.

Penney's Gin, the company's first new liquor in four years, is a 90-proof American dry gin produced using English methods. It is named for Joe Penney, a late-1800s adventurer, gambler and Portland saloon owner who fell on hard times and retired to the county poor farm, now McMenamins Edgefield.

It will retail for $26.75 for the 750ml bottle.

McMenamins makes a variety of ales and beers such as Terminator Stout, Hammerhead, Ruby, Edgefield Wheat and Sunflower IPA, runs the Edgefield Winery, the Edgefield Distillery, and produces a line of roasted coffees.

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