California vodka is truly organic

"Why does America buy into this 100-times distilled, diamond-filtered vodka crap? If it were really that pure, it would be organic!"

That's Allison Evanow, founder and CEO of Square One Organic Vodka, in a local television interview.

It's her mantra and her business plan to supply truly organic vodka to people who really care about such things. Working with master distiller Bill Scott, she has created a line of such spirits, made from 100% organic American rye through a proprietary certified organic fermentation process.

As the Northern California distiller explains it, the rye "receives only chemical-free compost, fresh water, and tender loving care during its entire growth cycle. The natural robust health of the plants themselves is their main defense against disease and infestation.

"Square One Organic Vodka then takes this organic philosophy right into the distillery, using only organic yeasts and natural nutrients in a process certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP). The only other ingredient is pure, fresh water from the pristine watershed of the nearby Teton Range."

In addition to the basic vodka, Square One also creates cucumber and botanical styles. The suggested retail prices are in the $30 range. Go here to find out where it is available.

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