World Whiskies Awards have familiar look

A painstaking set of judging rounds resulted in a wide range of winners in the 2009 World Whiskies Awards, although two were repeats from 2008.

The annual competition, sponsored by Whisky Magazine, the UK publication that is the world's largest devoted to spirits, was run by Dave Broom, chairman of judges, with panels in Europe, the United States -- which included yours truly -- and one judge each for Canada and Japan.

As noted in the current issue of the magazine, "Impressively for the second year running in both the Grain and Whisky Liqueur categories, the winners retained their top spots showing great consistency."

They were Compass Box Hedonism in the "Grain" judging and Wild Turkey American Honey in the "Whisky Liqueur" judging.

The other major winners:

New Release: Highland Park 40 Years Old

Blended Malt Whisky: Taketsuru 21 Years Old

Blended Whisky: Hanky Bannister 40 Years Old

American Whiskey: Thomas H. Handy Rye

Single Malt Whisky: Highland Park 21 Years Old

Issue No. 79 of the magazine has all the category winners that vied for the major awards.

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