Texas distillers can serve samples on-premises

Texas doesn't have many distilleries, but those it does have now will be able to ply their wares a little more easily.

Gov. Rick Perry has signed into law a piece of legislation that allows distilleries to serve free samples on premises, just as wineries have been allowed to do.

Dan Garrison, proprietor of Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye, a tiny town in the Hill Country, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that "a while back, he invited a number of senators and representatives to visit his distillery but that the lawmakers weren’t able to taste the product at the end of the tour.

" 'It’s frustrating to come out and spend an hour walking around and not get an idea how good it is,' Garrison said."

There are only nine distilleries in Texas. Go here for my earlier report on the effort to create a 10th.

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1 comment:

dg said...

go boy go !
texas is only a hand full of states that has it own identity
if you got'em, drink'em
my hats off to you and the boys down there
dg blackburn
American Distilling Institute