A good guide to good rums

Robert A. Burr has made a nice living telling people what's available and where to get it, whether it's in the world of Coral Gables, FL, social events, diving in various hotspots or -- the one that most interests me -- the world of rum.

Burr and his wife, Robin, have been creating guides for some years. Now, joined by son Robert V., they have one of the best guides to rum I've seen on the market.

It is cleverly named "Robert Burr's Rum Guide" so if son overthrows father's business empire he doesn't have to re-name the guide.

The 50-page glossy pamphlet contains plenty of advertising, but it also offers an introduction by noted rum expert Ed Hamilton as well as recipes for about a dozen classic rum cocktails and thumbnail descriptions of their origin, several illustrated feature stories and, perhaps best of all, capsule descriptions of a whole host of rums by category:

• White or clear rum
• Gold or pale rum
• Dark or black rum
• Premium aged rum
• Cacha├ža
• Flavored, spiced rums and liqueurs

And, says the elder Burr, "We're updating it twice a year to include more rums and tasting notes."

This is an excellent pocket guide for the beginner and the experienced rum appreciator alike. And, for a mere $2, it also is a bargain buy.

To contact the Burrs at their Gifted Rums site about ordering the guides, call (305) 443-7973 or e-mail Robert V. at rvb@giftedrums.com.

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