JD Single Barrel gets redesign

If you see a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey that doesn't look quite the way you remember it, don't be surprised.

A new bottle design has been introduced and will hit the domestic market in May.

“The updated package reflects the brand’s ultra premium nature while recognizing the authenticity and masculinity of Jack Daniel’s,” said Mark Grindstaff, Jack Daniel’s US Brand Marketing Director. “The bottle design improves visibility, making it easier to see on the shelf and behind the bar, and better communicates the status of the brand. We believe it will attract a sophisticated, discerning consumer.”

Each bottle is hand-labeled with its rick, barrel number and individual bottling date -- signifying the distinct taste profile of the whiskey from a single barrel. The bottle has a thick glass base and wide shoulders, giving it a “cut crystal” appearance.

The redesigned label has a black background with gold font. A raised, scripted signature of Jack Daniel is blown into the glass and appears across the front, bleeding onto the side of the bottle. The bottle retains the fluting around the neck and wood cork stopper. A coin is encased in the top of each wooden stopper.

Inside, the whiskey remains a 94-proof single barrel Tennessee Whiskey. It first came on the market in February 1997.

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