Scotch the muse for Virginia distillers

From VirginiaBusiness.com

From the snowcapped heights of Ben Nevis to the enduring insights of poet Robert Burns, Scotland’s charms have captured the hearts of many men.

Chris Allgood is among them. A native of Yorkshire in England, he has devoted decades to sampling and learning about fine Scotch whisky. Now the seeds of that passion are bearing fruit in Nelson County, VA.

Allgood and two business partners -- Brian Gray and Joe Hungate -- are developing a distillery and barley fields on about 95 acres in a spot off U.S. 29 called Eades Hollow. Their dream is to produce a line of single-malt whiskies, but you’ll find the Eades name on “anticipation” double malts already on shelves in Virginia and six other states.

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