Vodka 'health drink' unveiled in UK

Forget all those electrolyte- and vitamin-laced health drinks. England's Pure Food and Beverage Company Ltd. has unveiled a line of vodka-based drink it says is for health-conscious guests frequenting high-end bars and clubs in the UK.

What the drinks have is vodka, water, natural flavorings and 25% fruit juice in three bottled varieties -- mango and passion fruit, pomegranate and blueberry and vina grape and lime, all with just 4% alcohol by volume (8 proof).

What they don't have is preservatives, artificial ingredients, stabilizers or sweeteners.

Emily Bellusci, managing director for Infusion Drinks, said: “ ... This premium product identifies and caters for consumers leading a cosmopolitan, modern and contemporary lifestyle. People want to feel good when they are out and about. With this in mind, we created Infusion drinks to fit in with this trendy and chic standard of living.”

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