Wine & Spirits Wholesalers CEO to be honored

The World Association of the Alcohol Beverage Industries Inc. (WAABI) has selected the recipient of this year's UNITY Award.

Craig Wolf, president and CEO of the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA), will be honored at an award dinner on Monday, July 27, at the Hilton Alexandria in Old Town Alexandria, VA, part of the WAABI’s 65th anniversary Leadership Conference being held there July 25-28.

This year's conference will focus on tax threats to the industry, new tactics against drunk driving, and other matters of concern to the alcohol beverage industry.

WSWA was created just one year prior to WAABI, in 1943, and today represents 330wine and spirits wholesalers and brokers doing business in all 50 states. As CEO, Wolf manages the day to day operation of the influential trade association. WSWA supports legislation, regulation and public policies at state and federal levels to promote the responsible distribution of beverage alcohol and the prevention of underage access.

Craig joined WSWA as general counsel in 2000 and was named president in 2006. Prior to that he was counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee and Chairman Orin Hatch (R-UT). He has also served as a prosecutor at the state and federal levels.

WAABI, organized in 1944, has several thousand members in chapters nationwide.

Registration for the WAABI conference is $350, which includes several meals as well as the UNITY Dinner. Registration forms and details are available online. Other information is available from Executive Director Jill Hawkins at (513) 675-3443.

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