Presenting, the worst in drinks

Apparently the guys at Men's Health magazine actually are interested in something other than abs -- their own and the viewing of other men's.

They've come up with a batch of lists of "worst" things to eat and drink. A very subjective list, too be sure, but they use calorie, salt and fat content statistics to back up many of their contentions.

Here's the breakdown of drinks categories:

20. Worst Light Beer
19. Worst "Healthy" Drink
18. Worst Soda
17. Worst Beer
16. Worst Lemonade
15. Worst Tea-Like Substance
14. Worst Energy Drink
13. Worst Iced Tea
12. Worst Juice Imposter
11. Worst Chocolate Milk
10. Worst Chai Tea Drink
9. Worst Kid's Hot Beverage
8. Worst Summer Cocktail
7. Worst Coffee Alternative
6. Worst Hot Coffee
5. Worst Blended Fruit Drink
4. Worst Frozen Coffee Drink
3. Worst Smoothie
2. Worst Milkshake
1. The Worst Drink in America

I can't leave you in suspense over the "worst drink." It's the Baskin-Robbins Large Heath Bar Shake. It contains 2,310 calories and 108 grams of fat (64 of them saturated). That breaks down to 66 teaspoons of sugar. You would have to eat 11 Heath Bars to equal the number of calories found in one shake.

Go here to get the magazine's take on various drink comparisons, health foods, best and worst meals at chain restaurants, and lots more on the nutrition scene.

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